Organic OIM Hydroponic Nutrients

Organic OIM Hydroponic Nutrients

What is OIM?

OIM program is a registration and approval program that requires fertilizers and other soil amendments marketed for use in organic agriculture to be registered with CDFA and reviewed for National Organic Program (NOP) compliance.The Organic Input Material (OIM) Program registers fertilizing materials to be used in organic crop and food production.

Why Organic OIM is Such a Big Deal…

California’s OIM program is largely considered the strictest organic certification there is.
And that means all growers—no matter where you live in the world—are guaranteed a better, cleaner, more pure nutrient with the Organic OIM line.
That’s because for every product that gets the Organic OIM label, Advanced Nutrients has to go through a multi-part, painstaking process for certification.

What About Other Advanced Nutrients Organic Products Not Labeled “OIM”?

You may be wondering if the other Advanced Nutrients organic products that don’t have the OIM label are produced to the same high standards… and the answer is yes.
Advanced Nutrients has always been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to 100% organic nutrients.
The only reason all our organic nutrients don’t yet carry the OIM label yet is “time”. As we’ve just discussed, it’s a long, painstaking journey to get through the certification process and it takes a lot of time.

Your Satisfaction Is, Of Course, Guaranteed…

Advanced Nutrients is world-renowned for our integrity and commitment to you, the grower.
Because Advanced Nutrients was built by growers for growers, we treat you exactly the way we would like to be treated. That’s why we stand behind Ancient Earth Organic OIM (and all our products) with our world-famous 100% Money Back Grower Guarantee.

Who Should Use The Advanced Nutrients Organic Products?

Any grower that wants to grow with 100% organic nutrients, should use the Organic OIM line. Any one of these would be perfect products for beginners.
It’s important though, especially for beginner growers, to follow the proper feeding schedule to maximize success. Also, all the Organic OIM products can be used with the official Advanced Nutrients hydroponics grow app—BudLabs.
 But the Organic OIM line is not just for beginner growers. Advanced growers, commercial growers and anyone else serious about guaranteeing they’re using 100% organic products should adopt this new line too. In short, anyone who wants to grow Organic crops and wants the best insurance available that their crops are truly, 100% organic and natural.

Publisher: Australian Advanced Nutrients
Date Published: Aug 31 2017 10:56AM
Date Edited: Aug 31 2017 12:52PM