Seeds Verse Clones

Seeds Verse Clones

It’s a question that almost every grower runs into at some point: should I grow from seeds or clones?

If you are considering growing for the first time, you have taken the first step on the road to becoming a successful grower.
As a first time grower, there is one basic decision you need to make before starting your new venture.
Do you plan to raise your plants from seeds or by using clones?  Each one has its pros and cons, and choosing the right option can mean the difference between success and failure. This information about each technique should help you decide which is right for you.

Growing From Seeds

Plants come from seeds right? It’s an easy, logical thing to start growing your high-value plants from seeds. So let’s talk about the Pros & Cons here:

Seeds are easy to buy at many places online and in Store. 
You can pick the gender of the plant you want to grow. That means you can easily purchase feminine-only high value plant seeds.
By shopping for specific seeds, from an established seed bank, you can have a very accurate idea of what your plant will look like and its characteristics as far as yield, quality, and flowering time.
You don’t inherit any potential problems from the “mother plant”. That means if you grow from seed, your plant won’t start with any disease or pest problem.
Not all seeds will germinate, so you have to account for some failures right off the bat.
It’s a little bit harder than growing from a clone, because you have to get the seed to germinate first, before it can start into the grow phase.
It can take a little bit more time, again, because you have to wait for the seed to germinate, etc The costs can certainly add up, if you are purchasing seeds for every single grow cycle. (And also if you are choosing famous strains to grow)

Growing From Clones

A clone is a cutting from a mature plant that you can replant that will grow into a new plant.
Let’s talk about the Pros & Cons here too:


You can guarantee the gender of your new plant simply by choosing the correct gender mother plant.
Because you are starting with a plant, and you don’t have to wait for the seed to germinate, you are saving a little bit of time.
If you have a plant you really like, then you can almost exactly duplicate it by “cloning” it. In fact, that’s the reason it’s called “cloning” in the first place.
Once the clones root, you can save a lot of time.
Compared to seeds, which you can buy many places online, you need to have access to a source of mother plants in real life. Either from your own grows or from someone that you trust who can provide them.
If the mother plants had any problems, like pests or disease, you could be starting your clones with these problems.
While you could save time compared to seeds, if you don’t clone properly, your plants could be in “shock” and take extra time to root and grow or may even die.
You generally have to “baby” the new clone so that it can get established and start growing strong in the beginning. Again, you have to account for this in your grow schedule.

In The End, It’s a Personal Choice…

We firmly believe that in the end, this is a personal choice and growing from clones vs growing from seed is simply up to the grower. Some growers may find it less stressful to grow from seeds, while others think it’s easier to grow from a clone. It’s up to you. And as you increase in skill as a grower, you might find that one suites you better because of its particular strengths and/or advantages. On the other hand, it may depend on your life circumstances at the time which one is a better strategy for you. You may not have ready access to mother plants for example, so you can’t clone but you can easily order seeds online. Again, it all comes down to individual preference and circumstance. Just be sure to be aware of the pros and cons of each method and account for them in your overall growing strategy.

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Publisher: Australian Advanced Nutrients
Date Published: Sep 7 2017 10:59AM
Date Edited: Sep 7 2017 11:58AM