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I have always been a keen gardener and a natural progression was to venture into the world of hydroponics. This has always been an area of interest as it offered numerous advantages compared to growing in soil, such as the ability to grow fruit and vegetables out of season and in abundance. I soon learnt there is a minefield of products available out there, I felt like I’d tried them all and was underwhelmed by the results. Quite simply they just did not deliver what they promised. With some research I came across Advanced Nutrients and wow the results were fantastic. Gone were the days of adding a bit of this and a touch of that! Advanced Nutrients has a PH stabilizer and is fantastic with any type of water. I use water with a pH of 4.7 and Advanced Nutrients brought it up to the perfect pH for growing.

After discovering such a fantastic product I found Advanced Nutrients really hard to get, it was out of stock or stores simply didn’t know of it and would prefer to promote their own product ranges. After further research I discovered this wonderful product originated from Canada. This sparked an idea to become an Australian distributor both keeping my own supply readily available and bringing a product I truly believe in to other gardeners such as myself.

Advanced Nutrients has products to suit every stage of your plants life cycle. Advanced Nutrients focuses on increasing growth, flowering and strengthens root masses. Advanced Nutrients are a company that with a team of top scientist, understand and make possible high-yielding, fast growing plants.

Sales is backed up by outstanding support, if you have any issues with your plants, Advanced Nutrients have a help line you can skype, email or even ring if you wish, and as the support team have been growers, there is not a problem you may have that they haven’t seen before, their advice is incredible and could potentially help you from losing your crop or enabling you to minimize any damage and maximize your yield. If you have a problem Advanced Nutrients will have a solution for it …just ask they are keen to help.

I am proud that my vision is now a reality and I am now able to offer this superior product to you and other keen Australian gardeners for both domestic use and wholesale to other retailers. I invite you to try for yourself with confidence that this is a product now readily available to you.

Happy Growing

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